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Handout 2 bibc - Handout-week #2 Mahyar Lotfi Intracellular...

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Handout-week #2 Mahyar Lotfi Intracellular receptors (within cell) 1) cytoplasmic receptors: steroid family - glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, progesterone, androgens - It has a HSP 2) nuclear receptors: thyroid family - thyroid H, estrogen, Vit D , etc - NO HSP! Domains: DNA binding domain ligand binding domain Transactivation Domain LBD: ligand binding HSP binding nuclear translocation signal DBD: contains 2 zinc fingers, which allow binding of HR complex to specific genes in the DNA, so called HSP mechanism: R-HSP (inactive) + H HR + HSP (dissociates) exposes nuclear translocation signal and translocates HR to nucleus HR binds DNA activate HRE ↑txn, ↑protein synthesis Hypothalamus/pituitary gland Hypothalamus functions: Regulate osmolarity, blood volume & pressure, appetite, circadian rhythms, thermoregulatory center, aggression, sex drive, gonad regulation Posterior pituitary: no cells! made up of axons of neurons extended from hypothalamus secretes and Anterior pituitary: made of variety of endocrine cells - somatotrophs - lactotrophs - thyrotrophs - gonadotrophs - corticotrops Portal system- connects hypothalamus w/AP arterioles capillaries (hypo) venules vein 2 nd capillary beds (AP) venule vein heart Hypothalamic Hormones Releasing hormones: stimulate release of anterior pituitary hormones
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Handout 2 bibc - Handout-week #2 Mahyar Lotfi Intracellular...

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