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bicd 150 ho - Female Reproduction Oogenesis: During...

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Female Reproduction Oogenesis: During embryonic stage: Oogonium proliferates by mitosis all oogonia undergo meiosis but get arrested in prophase (DNA replicates, but no cell division occurs) primary oocyte Onset of puberty: just before or at ovulation , primary oocyte completes first meiotic division becomes secondary oocyte + first polar body Secondary oocyte begins second meiotic division, but is arrested at metaphase if fertilization occurs, second division is completed egg + second polar body Anatomy: Uterus – composed of three layers Thin outer connective tissue covering Myometrium – thick middle layer of smooth muscle provide contractions during labor and menstrual cycle Endometrium – outer part is “lining” of the uterus that dies and sloughs off during mensturation. Inner part is germ layer that stays permanently. Both nourished by arteries Cervix – neck of uterus that protrudes into the vagina Oviduct - transport ovulated oocyte toward uterus; place where fertilization occurs Ovaries – produce sex hormones and produce eggs Ovarian follicle development: Primordial follicle Primary follicle 2
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bicd 150 ho - Female Reproduction Oogenesis: During...

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