Handout #4 - TA Version

Handout #4 - TA Version - TA: Ishita Desai OH: Th 10-11am...

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Unformatted text preview: TA: Ishita Desai OH: Th 10-11am Café Roma Section: Th 9-9:50am Center 217B [email protected] Handout #4 – TA Version THYROID- We covered this last section, so I won’t go over it again until the end of the section when we do review. MALE REPRODUCTION- Anatomy/Sperm Pathway o SEVEN UP Seminiferous tubules epididymis vas deferens ejaculatory duct nothing urethra penis- Hormones o Hypothalamus GnRH anterior pituitary FSH and LH FSH sertoli cells ABP, inhibn, AMH • Inhibin inhibits FSH release LH leydig cells testosterone converted to DHT with 5alphareductase • What external symptom can one observe in an XY individual with non-functioning 5α-reductase? o Female external genitalia (DHT is necessary for accessory reproductive organ development) o Jon has been taking anabolic steroids for the past few months. Recently he has developed a series of changes in his body that he’s embarrassed to tell the doctor about. What major physical would expect with the given information? Gynecomastia due to increased testosterone converted to estradiol by aromatase in external tissues; also remember estradiol inhibits GnRH, FSH and LH release o Testosterone and DHT inhibit release of FSH and LH as well as GnRH o Greg is 40 years old and has never been able to grow a beard. He also often sings in a female’s voice. What possible problem could these be signs of? What would you expect in regards to his height? Hypogonadism; lack/low levels of testosterone/DHT; taller than avg (delayed ossification of growth cartilage GH levels normal increased height)- The various (and numerous) functions of testosterone: o These kick in once GnRH is released in pulses at the onset of puberty. o Increased size of penis, scrotum and prostrate o Stimulate gametogenesis o Increased libido o Increased aggressiveness o Increased hair (pubis, axillae, face/beard, chest) o Stimulation of sebaceous gland (secrete oil onto skin --> clogged and infected w/bacteria --> acne) o Increased body odor o Broad shoulders o Decreased body fat o Increased protein synthesis and mass in muscle (esp) o Increase size of larynx and thickening of vocal chords o Increased bone marrow productions --> increased RBCs (males have higher hematocrit) TA: Ishita Desai...
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Handout #4 - TA Version - TA: Ishita Desai OH: Th 10-11am...

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