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TA: Ishita Desai OH: Th 10-11, Café Roma Section: Th 9-950am, Center 217B [email protected] Handout #7 – TA Version PREGNANCY HORMONES (OR Random Hormones and the Things They Do) How does an increase in hCG lead to feelings of nausea and vomiting? hCG continues to stimulate as if LH the corpus luteum --> begins to secrete large concentrations of estrogen and progesterone --> nausea, vomiting, inc basal temp hCG levels: peak around 1 st trimester, decreases and is maintained following o Exciting review: Progestrone --> inhibits prol. By estradiol, inhibits contractility by hyperpolarizing myometrium, inhibits production and secretion of prostaglandins Which hormone does the adrenal cortex of the FETUS release, and what happens to it thereafter? Adrenal cortex of fetus --> DHEA-sulfate --> placenta has sulfatase --> cleaves to form DHEA --> androstenedione --> testosterone --> with aromatase estrogen + estrone + estriol Human placental lactogen (hPL) has the highest levels towards the end of pregnancy. What are its metabolic effects? Increase glucose, decrease insulin sensitivity, increase insulin, increase lipolysis What about relaxin’s effects? “Ripens the cervix” (normally hard) + inhibits contractility of myometrium + weakens pubic symphisis - Widening birth canal for delivery 17-OH progesterone increases in the third trimester primarily due to fetal adrenal production. Formed in adrenal glands and corpus luteum. Why doesn’t an increase in T3 levels cause a proportional increase in free thyroid hormones? An increase in thyroid hormone levels is accompanied by an increase in thyroid binding
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Handout #7 - TA Version - TA Ishita Desai Section Th...

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