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TA: Ishita Desai Handout #8 – TA Version GLP-1 and GIP are incretins that STIMULATE /INHIBIT the secretion of insulin. What are the numerous effects of insulin? Inc glucose uptake by adipose and skeletal muscle (inc glut 4) Liver: inc hexokinase activity (glu + ATP --> G6P + ADP) Stimulation of glycogen synthase --> inc glycogen Inhibition of glycogen phosphorylase (glyco breakdown) Inc tryglycerides (lipogenesis) Dec hormone sensitive lipase Inc AA uptake and protein syn dec beta ox pathway --> ketones (acetoacetic acid and betahydroxybutyric acid; acetone) Dec gluconeogenesis What stimulates and inhibits the release of glucagon? Stimulants: decreased glucose, increased sympathetic Inhibitors: increased glucose, insulin, somatostatin, incretins What are the not-so-numerous effects of glucagon? Increase glycogen phosphorylase --> glycogen breakdown Inc G6P phosphatase --> G6P + H2O --> glucose + Pi Inc gluconeogenesis (from aas and ffa) Inc hormone sensitive lipase Inc proteolysis DIABETES What are the mechanisms for polydipsia and polyuria? - Increased blood glucose Increased osmolarity ADH, thirst (polydipsia) - Glucose above 300mg/dL (proximal tubule has SGLTs to reabsorp glucose) glucose lost in urine increases urine osmolarity increases H2O lost in urine polyuria/glusouria dehydration increased osmolarity of blood
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Handout #8 - TA Version - TA: Ishita Desai Handout #8 TA...

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