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Handout #9 - Student Version - -Calcitriol PTH osteoblasts...

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TA: Ishita Desai Handout #9 – TA Version Calcium and Bone - Linear growth of long bone occurs at the ____________________ , where chondrocytes and ____________________ , are present. - A majority of Ca++ in the body is found in the bones/teeth. This Ca++ is in crystalline form and is called ____________________ ,. This form of Ca++ dissolves when the pH ____________________ , . - Extracellular Ca++ is maintained within a narrow range while intracellular Ca++ accumulates in the ____________________ and ____________________ , . - What does Ca++ do? Why do we need it? - With the above actions in mind, if excitability is high and a patient is experiencing tingling/tetanus, what are his/her Ca++ levels? Ca++ and Parathyroid Glands - An increase in Ca++ decreases PTH secretion (by negative feedback inhibition). Normally, an increase in Ca++ should increase any sort of secretion. Why is this not the case with PTH? - PTH: - Describe the pathway from sunlight to the decrease in PTH release. Calcium Homeostasis
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Unformatted text preview: -Calcitriol + PTH osteoblasts TA: Ishita Desai-____________________ in thyroid gland ____________________ inhibits osteoclast-Describe the method by which osteoblasts stimulate/activate osteoclasts: (I know I’ve already gone over it above, but there’s nothing wrong with overkill. )-What role do PTH and calcitriol play in this process? Adrenal Gland-Cortex o Glucocorticoids (cortisol) and mineralocorticoids o What are the effects mineralocorticoids and what is one prominent example of one?-Medulla o Secrete TA: Ishita Desai o Problems with excessive ACTH and low levels of 17-α-hydorxylase? We will be spending the rest of class time going over questions very similar to what may appear on the final exam. I will spend time making sure that you know and understand the answers to these questions. The more prepared you the more questions we’ll have time to go over!!! GOOD LUCK ON THE FINAL!!!...
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Handout #9 - Student Version - -Calcitriol PTH osteoblasts...

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