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SS2 Handout 5 - Megans Monday Sections Summer Session...

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Megan’s Monday Sections Summer Session Handout 5 Topics: Endocrinology of Pregnancy; Sexual Development; Pancreatic Hormones; Insulin Secretion and Transduction Pathways, Actions Endocrinology of Pregnancy: hCG, relaxin, estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and other hormones all hCG o LH-like o Sustains corpus luteum up until the 2 nd trimester, though it is present throughout pregnancy o Keeps estrogen and progesterone levels up hPL (human placental lactogen) o secreted by the placenta o growth hormone of pregnancy o mainly effects on the mother because it doesn’t cross the placenta o decreases glucose utilization (increases insulin resistance) increase in circulating glucose, can contribute to gestational diabetes o increases lipolysis to increase FA in the blood (for the same purpose) o increases amino acids purpose is to increase delivery of glucose, FA, and amino acids to the baby to help it grow relaxin o secreted by the placenta o causes relaxation of the ligaments in the pelvis o decreases the excitability of the uterine smooth muscle (inhibits contractility) o decreases number of oxytocin receptors progesterone and 17-OH-progesterone o also decrease excitability and contractility of the uterus o 17-OH-progesterone is sometimes prescribed to prevent early delivery Estrogen, estradiol o DHEA-S(made in fetus and mom’s adrenals) DHEA androstenedione testosterone estrogen (placenta and ovaries have aromatase) o Estrogen increases dramatically during pregnancy and has several effects Increases growth and excitability of the myometrium Increases oxytocin receptors However, these two effects are overridden by the effects of relaxin and progesterone Increases growth of the breasts and prepares the breast to make milk,
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SS2 Handout 5 - Megans Monday Sections Summer Session...

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