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Week 6 Handout - they found 5 Outline the hormonal pathways...

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Week 6 Handout TA: Manely Leilah Yafeh 1. Describe the process of oogenesis. At what stage is Meiosis I completed? Meiosis II? 2. Name the phases of the ovarian and uterine cycles and provide a detailed description of the events they encompass. How does the estrogen positive feedback loop cause the LH surge? List the effects of the LH surge. 3. Summarize the four main hormonal stages of the menstrual cycle using the hypothalamic-anterior pituitary-ovarian axes. 4. Differentiate between primary, secondary, tertiary, and Graafian follicles. At which phases are
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Unformatted text preview: they found? 5. Outline the hormonal pathways that yield the female sex hormones. Why is there a link between obesity and early onset menarche? 6. Describe the events that are collectively known as the “polyspermy block.” 7. List the contraceptive measures discussed in lecture. Proponents of RU486 argue that it is not an abortion pill if taken as directed. Can RU486 be used as an abortion pill?...
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