BIS101_ReviewQuiz_KEY - 1 BIS 101-002 Dr. Bruce Draper...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 BIS 101-002 Dr. Bruce Draper Spring 2011 REVIEW QUIZ The Purpose of this Review Quiz is to help you review Mendelian genetics and mitosis/meiosis - subjects you have previously studied in lower division biology courses and that we will expand upon in BIS101. The Quiz is worth 40 points-10% of the total in the course. Use your current knowledge, the textbook for this and previous biology courses, and your class notes as resources to answer these questions. You may also work on the Quiz with a group of your classmates and consult a TA. The quiz is MULTIPLE CHOICE and each question has a single answer, unless indicted otherwise. A Scantron with your answers is due at the beginning of class on April 7, 2011. Late Quizzes will not be accepted and there is no make-up. The Quiz has 5 pages, including this cover page and score sheet. 2 For questions 1-5 : In tomatoes, red fruit is dominant to yellow fruit. Two heterozygous plants are crossed. R = red, r = yellow Genotype Phenotype Rr X Rr = ¼ RR ¾ red fruit (RR, Rr) ½ Rr ¼ yellow fruit (rr) ¼ rr 1. (2 pts) From the cross above, what proportion of the individuals will be genotypically Rr. c. ½ (see above) 2. (2 pts) If 60 offspring are produced from the cross above, how many plants are expected to bear red fruit? d. 45 ¾ produce red fruit; therefore 3/4 X 60 = 45 3. (2 pts) From the 60 offspring, how many red fruit-bearing plants will be heterozygous? c. 30 2/3 of red fruit bearing plants are heterozygous; therefore 2/3 X 45 = 30 4. (2 pts) How many of the 60 offspring will bear yellow fruit? b. 15 ¼ will produce yellow fruit; therefore ¼ X 60 = 15 5. (2 pts) What proportion of gametes from either parent will carry the recessive allele? c. 1/2 6. (4 pts) In the Common Morning Glory, blue flowers are dominant to pink flowers. When a blue- flowered plant is self-pollinated, its progeny are 42 blue-flowered plants and 14 pink-flowered plants....
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BIS101_ReviewQuiz_KEY - 1 BIS 101-002 Dr. Bruce Draper...

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