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a). GENOTYPE ß-gal Permease 1) I+ P+ Oc Z+ Y- / I+ P+ O+ Z- Y+ constitutive inducible 2) Is P+ O+ Z- Y- / I- P+ O+ Z+ Y+ absent absent 3) Is P+ Oc Z- Y+ / I- P+ O+ Z+ Y- absent constitutive 4) Is P+ O+ Z+ Y- / I- P- Oc Z- Y+ absent absent 5) I- P+ O+ Z+ Y- / I+ P+ Oc Z- Y+ inducible constitutive 6) I- P+ Oc Z+ Y- / I+ P+ O+ Z- Y+ constitutive inducible b). cis functioning:__P, O _ trans fuctioning:___I c). Upon introduction of the lac I+ laz Z+ genes into the lac I- lac Z- E. coli mutant, both the lac I + and the lac Z+ genes will be transcribed because there is no lac I protein
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