red v blue in K channel

red v blue in K channel - + ions, there will be a net K +...

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Amino acid sequences shown in orange extend carbonyl (C=O) groups toward the pore interior. K + ions (red balls in the left panel; blue balls in the right panel) unbind from the oxygens of water (in cytoplasm or extracellular Fuid) and bind to the oxygens of the carbonyl groups . Depending on the electro-chemical gradients for K
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Unformatted text preview: + ions, there will be a net K + efFux or inFux. This is not a leak channel, but the amino acids that bind the K ions are the same in leak channels. Morais etal 01 Nature 414:37 where do the K ions bind? look at the side view of a K channel, showing 4 ions inside the pore...
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