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Unformatted text preview: 2-3 Minute Oral Presentation Phase 4 Individual Project I would like to thank the management of Manta, Inc. for nominating me for the Employee of the Month award and recognizing my efforts to improve team communication within our company. For those of who don’t know me, my name is Judith Rachel and I have been working with Manta, Inc for five years now. We all know that upper management often assigns us technical projects and team goals to complete by certain deadlines. Team communication is very important, especially with our small company and technical computer related projects, as each team member of the team needs to be acquainted with the company’s goals and plays a vital role in completing any projects we may have. Every one of you has specific skills and knowledge that must be utilized and imparted to other members. Also effective communication can eliminate much of the stress and negative feelings sometimes associated with working closely as a team. But most importantly, I think our improvement in team communication has created more effective and open communication lines, creating feelings of trust and of belonging to our team at Manta, Inc. The more we feel valued at this company, the more dedicated and successful we are likely to be. Thank you all for your work in improving communication and I wish everyone here at Manta, Inc. continued success! Working I hope to continue to create new friendships, a sense of group accomplishment and distribution of responsibilities. ...
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