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Manta, Inc. Memo To: Employees of Manta, Inc. From: Manta Senior Management CC: Computer Sales Division Date: 4/6/12 Re: Proper Etiquette in the Workplace Proper Etiquette in the Workplace Recently, a rude complaint was sent to a customer and fellow employee here at Manta, Inc. On 2/10, we will be hosting a seminar aimed at improving and confronting customer service issues and the need for using appropriate tone, content, and audience awareness around your fellow employees. I would like to outline both positive and negative ways on how to handle angry customers and how to respond in intimating situations in a professional manner. We do not want to hurt the image here at Manta, Inc or tarnish the good
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Unformatted text preview: reputation our company has. As a business professional in that setting, it is important to retain customers and try to resolve the situation fast and effectively. By responding in a well written and professional manner, you must show that you care about the customer and address his or her needs with professionalism and courtesy. The responses must not be inappropriate nor make the company look like it was acting out of character. One must remember that if you are responding for the company, you are acting as a role that can help improve or damage the company’s image. Thank you for your time, cooperation, and understanding!...
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