phase 3 DB - Cultural Differences and Communications styles...

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Cultural Differences and Communications styles Phase 3 Discussion Board By Judith Ruchal During my third week on job I got a call from my Boss saying that some of our colleagues from Asia, Middle East and South Pacific were coming in the company. I did some research regarding the culture and way of communication of the people belonging to these regions. This paper includes the brief information regarding my research. Asia Asia consists of the big economies like China, India, Japan along with others. These countries are the mixture of the different religions and people. All the countries have different life style and superstitions which are needed to be kept in mind. Chinese people never use hands in conversation, they never touch opposite sex in the public place and have strict dress code for women, but in U.S we have an open culture so we greet the others by giving a peck on cheek. Even women in U.S are free to wear any thing in public after office hours. But for Business meetings they follow dress code. One has to be patient dealing with Chinese, because they never do anything without consulting astrologers. Japanese are superstitious and introvert type of people but loyal to country and work. They are superstitious about words as Chinese. But we in U.S. do not believe in any superstitions regarding work. The Japanese are usually not receptive and rarely entertain outsiders. Indians are relatively easy to work with as compared to other Asians.
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phase 3 DB - Cultural Differences and Communications styles...

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