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PFP110_P1IPa_rubric - Individual Project Rubric Terminal...

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Individual Project Rubric Course: PFP110 Terminal Course Objectives Week: 1 Project Criteria Unacceptable Minimal Competent Effective Mastery Subtotals 0 Include income in the budget (20%) 0 Include taxes in the budget (20%) 0 Include expenses in the budget (20%) 0 Include personal expenses in the budget (20%) 0 Grading Key Range Feedback TOTALS Mastery 90-100 Earned Point Total 0 Effective 80-89 Competent 70-79 Total possible Points 100 Minimal 60-69 Unacceptable 59  Letter Grade: F Develop personal financial goals based on an understanding of the process for making personal financial decisions. • Design a personal budget. • Identify common income tax minimization strategies. • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of consumer credit. • Demonstrate the concept of the time-value of money through the use of examples. • Utilize the WWW to research, select, and monitor investments. • Discuss the financial differences and the costs and benefits of renting and of home ownership. • Identify different types of insurance and evaluate the appropriateness of the insurance for different situations. •
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