A. Serfass CJS 200 Week 6 - Amber Serfass CJS 200 According...

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Amber Serfass CJS 200 According to Chapter 11 of the text, the four philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals is retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. However, the text does list five, but the last purpose of sentencing listed in the textbook was restoration. To begin with, the first philosophy I will discuss is retribution. Retribution means that a criminal's punishment is based on the severity of a crime that he or she committed. In the text retribution was described as taking revenge on a criminal perpetrator, which means that punishments were given with little thought on whether the punishment “fit” the crime committed. The retribution philosophy also goes by the Old Testament dictum “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” and was often cited as an ancient justification for retribution. Next, deterrence philosophy has two parts: specific and general deterrence. The deterrence philosophy basis its effectiveness on making threats of punishment to convince people that criminal activity is not worthwhile. In other words, this philosophy is used so criminal's will realize the outcomes (punishment) outweighs the crime committed. In addition, the main purpose of deterrence is to prevent crime for occurring. For example, some people that have a higher authority inhibits criminal behavior by making a person fear the punishment or consequence of committing a criminal act. The specific deterrence basis its theory that a
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A. Serfass CJS 200 Week 6 - Amber Serfass CJS 200 According...

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