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homework 7 - Statistics Prof Giuseppe Arbia 7th homework th...

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Statistics NYU - Spring 2012 Prof. Giuseppe Arbia V31.0018 – 001/ V31.0018 006 7 th homework MONDAY March 5 th 2012 Answer each of the questions. Read the questions carefully and keep your answers brief and to the point. NOTICE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAND THIS HOMEWORK TO YOUR TA THIS WEEK. WORK ON IT IN PREPARATION TO THE MID-TERM. IT WILL BE CORRECTED IN CLASS DURING THE WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY SESSION. Good work ! Question 1 A brewery has a beer dispensing machine that pours beer into the company’s 12 ounce bottles. The distribution of the amount of beer actually dispensed by the machine follows a Normal distribution with a standard deviation of 0.2 ounces. The company can control the mean amount of beer dispensed by the machine. (a) What value of the mean should the company set if it wants to guarantee that 98.5% of the bottles contain at least 12 ounces (the amount on the label)? (b) Suppose now that the distribution of pours is Normal with mean 12.1 and standard deviation 0.5.
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