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Statistics NYU - Spring 2012 Prof. Giuseppe Arbia V31.0018 – 001 - 006 5 th homework Thursday February, 23 rd 2012 Answer each of the questions. Read the questions carefully and keep your answers brief and to the point. PLEASE WRITE NEATLY. Please leave your homework in the mailbox of your respective Teaching Assistant by Tuesday at 8:00am. Since the homework will be discussed during the Lab sessions, no late homework can be accepted. Good work ! Question 1 a) List all possible events (the sample space ) generated by tossing 4 coins. b) Based on the sample space defined in point (a), define the events: A = we observe the same result on all four coins. B = we observe exactly 1 Head out of the four coins. C = we observe at least two Heads out of the four coins. c) Calculate the probabilities: P ( A ), P ( B ), P ( C ). Question 2 100 students attending the class of Statistics at NYU are divided into 2 different groups for the recitations. They are classified in the following table:
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