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Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2010 SOLUTIONS Chapter 3: 1. Data is posted to a table the moment you a. type new data into the appropriate empty field b. type data over the existing data in a field c. move to another table record d. none of the above 2. The expand indicator is used to a. open the Field Properties panel b. expand a field when editing so all the data is visible c. enlarge the current window d. display any records related to the current row 3. You remove table fields by doing what? a. Highlighting the field in Datasheet view and pressing the Delete key b. Right-clicking the field heading and clicking Delete Field c. Deleting the row corresponding to the data field in Design view. d. All of the above. 4. To link two tables, forming a relationship between them, you a. open the Relationships window and drag one table’s primary key field to the other table’s foreign key field b. must always use a lookup field, because manually linking two tables otherwise is impossible. c. must first display both tables in Design view d. None of the above 5. This field property allows you to restrict the range of values that a user can enter in Datasheet
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access_2010_chap3_4 - Building Accounting Systems Using...

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