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Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2010 SOLUTIONS Chapter 7: 1. The value system model shows which of the following? a. Resource flows between business processes b. Internal agents c. External agents d. Both b and c are correct 2. Resource flows are shown in a _________ model a. value system b. value chain c business process d. All of the above are correct 3. Which business process does not have any external agents? a. Acquisition/payment b. Conversion c. Financing d. Human resources 4. All of the following business processes are included in a value chain model except the: a. support process b. conversion process c. financing process d. acquisition/payment process 5. Which of the following about the duality relationship is not true? a. It connects give events with get events b. It connects inflows to outflows c. It is based on the theory of economic exchange d. It may be represented with a relationship table 6. The resource acquired in the human resources process is a. labor b. employee c. cash d. inventory 7. Business rules, such as paying for all purchases from a vendor at the end of each month with one check, are represented in an AIS by a. resources b. relationships c. participation cardinalities d. attributes 8. Which of the following would make the best primary key? a. Social Security number for tblEmployee
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access_2010_chap7_8 - Building Accounting Systems Using...

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