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Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2010 SOLUTIONS Chapter 9: 1. The purchase event is linked to which other events? a. Inventory and cash b. Sale and purchase order c. Vendor and employee d. Purchase order and cash disbursement 2. In which table will you find the quantity of Item #1021 order on Purchase Order #100017? a. tblPurchaseOrder b. tblPurchase c. tblReservation-PurchaseOrderInventory d. tblInflow-PurchaseOrderInventory 3. The Vendor table described in this chapter, tblVendor, is not in third form because a. its primary key, VendorNumber, is not unique b. it contains Vendor Address 1 and Vendor Address2, which are repeating fields c. the VendorState field is transitively dependent on the VendorZipCode field d. the VendorCIty field is functionally dependent on the VendorState field. 4. Purchase process activities include all of the following except a. recording payments received from customers b. keeping vendor information current c. recording the cost of materials purchased d. printing purchase orders 5. The Append query qryAddOrderedItemsToPurchInv creates a control to
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access_2010_chap9_10 - Building Accounting Systems Using...

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