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Accounting Information Systems – CyberText Solutions QUIZ QUESTIONS for CHAPTERS 1 Chapter 1 1.In the accounting process, the step immediately preceding preparation of the financial statements is a. prepare post-closing trial balance b. prepare trial balance c. prepare adjusted trial balance d. journalize and post closing entries e. journalize transactions 2. The purpose of accounting has always been to a. record debits and credits b. provide information useful for economic decision making c. record transactions d. all of the above e. a and c 3. In most accounting software packages, the underlying transaction data is accessible a. through a database management system. b. using any Web browser such as Netscape. c. only on local area networks d. only through proprietary file-management software (e.g., Btrieve) e. only after it has been posted. 4. Data in traditional (manual) accounting systems are a. aggregated at a very high level b. very disaggregated c. mainly focused on financial transactions d. b and c e. a and c 5. SAP, BaaN, and PeopleSoft are a. developers of legacy mainframe-oriented accounting systems b. developers of custom accounting systems using languages like C++ c. vendors of enterprise resource planning systems d. developers of operating systems software
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ais_cybertext_chap1 - Accounting Information Systems...

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