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Accounting Information Systems – CyberText Solutions QUIZ QUESTIONS for CHAPTERS 2 1. Buffers facilitate _________ of tightly connected sub-systems. a. controlling b. escalating c. integration d. decoupling e. management 2. Per the General Systems Model, every system must have each of the following except a. inputs b. process(es) c. outputs d. boundary e. repository 3. Every file must have one _______ and may have one or more __________ . a. non-key attribute, foreign keys b. foreign key, non-key attributes c. foreign key, primary keys d. primary key, non-key attributes e. concatenated key, primary keys 4. Editing and sorting the data file are steps performed during the ________ stage in the data processing cycle a. data input b. data processing c. file maintenance d. information output e. data preparation 5. If a file has two unique identifiers, each is called a __________ key. a. primary b. candidate c. composite d. foreign e. concatenated 6. When two or more fields together serve as the primary key in a file, the key is called a
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ais_cybertext_chap2 - Accounting Information Systems...

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