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Accounting Information Systems – CyberText Questions + Solutions QUIZ QUESTIONS for Chapter 6 1. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the database approach in contrast to the file-oriented approach? a. data redundancy virtually eliminated. b. data independence. c. rapid application development due to sharing of data structures between applications. d. greater potential for data inconsistencies. e. reduction in data storage costs. 2. A _________ key is a non-key attribute in a data set which is the primary key in another data set. a. foreign b. concatenated c. composite d. candidate e. non-unique 3. In database terminology, another term for a view is a. virtual table b. form c. screenshot d. data set e. QBE 4. The language used to create the database schema is the a. data definition language b. data manipulation language c. data query language d. all of the above e. a and b 5. The term "legacy systems" refers primarily to a. database systems accessible with a 4GL. b. older file-oriented systems written in COBOL. c. manual double-entry bookkeeping systems. d. transaction processing systems in Fortune 100 companies.
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ais_cybertext_chap6 - Accounting Information Systems...

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