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Accounting Information Systems – CyberText Questions + Solutions QUIZ QUESTIONS for Chapter 8: 1. A Level 0 DFD a. is the same as a context diagram. b. shows more detail than a Level 1 DFD. c. shows less detail than a context diagram. d. shows details about a high level process depicted in a context diagram. e. none of the above. 2. In an EER diagram, an "O" on the relationship line next to an entity is used to indicate that a. the entity`s participation in the relationship is optional b. the entity`s participation in the relationship is mandatory c. there are no instances of that entity (empty set). d. there are no primary keys defined for the entity. e. there are no secondary keys in the entity (all key relation). 3. In a data flow diagram, a single-headed arrow originating from a data store and going to a process indicates that the data store is being a. accessed by the process b. updated by the process c. deleted by the process d. all of the above e. a and b 4. At the highest level, a DFD is referred to as a a. Level 0 DFD. b. Level 1 DFD.
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ais_cybertext_chap8 - Accounting Information Systems...

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