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Unformatted text preview: Accounting Information Systems Introduction to AIS: Chapter 2: Elements of Information Systems LEARNING OBJECTIVES Distinguish between data and information: Information systems: convert data into information. AISs convert input transactions into financial reports Data represents raw, unprocessed facts that are useless without further processing. Information is data made meaningful. Information must be both relevant and reliable to really be useful to a decision maker (also, timely, accurate, complete) Information value chain: Explain the hierarchy of data: How is data stored in computer-based information system? Bit ( Binary Digit) Byte (usually 8 bits – e.g., a character) Field (multiple bytes making a unit of data – e.g., a name, a value; Tom Jones, Sales Associate) Record (group of related fields – e.g., an employee record) File (group of records – e.g., an employee file) Database (multiple logically related files) Describe alternative field formats, record keys, and coding systems...
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ais_cybertext_chap2_notes - Accounting Information Systems...

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