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POM - Fall/11Exam #2 Practice Questions Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. An organization's strategic, operational and tactical goals must be A. aligned. B. consistent. C. mutually supportive. D. focused on company purpose. E. all of the above. 2. A ____________ statement clarifies the long-term direction of the company and its __________. A. mission; strategic intent B. vision; strategic intent C. vision; operational goals D. mission; tactical goals E. vision, tactical goals 3. If a business gains market share while the industry market growth remains high, it would move from being classified as a _______________ to a _______________ according to the BCG matrix. A. star, question mark B. question mark, star C. cash cow, dog D. dog, cash cow E. star, cash cow 4. Coordination refers to A. the division of labor within an organization. B. the performance of specific tasks by specific people. C. the procedures that link the various parts of the organization to achieve the organization's overall mission. D. the need for specific tasks in the functional fields. E. the way the positions in the firm are organized.
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5. When top executives of Alpha Corporation sit on the Alpha Corporation board, they are called A. outside directors. B. collaborative directors. C. cooperating directors. D. authoritative directors. E. inside directors. 6. Creating slack resources basically means that A. a manager limits the availability of resources to some units. B. each unit is provided with the minimal resources it needs. C. more resources are made available to each unit in case they need them "in a pinch". D. each unit is differentiated by functional specialty. E. time, money and other resources are tightly budgeted. Scenario D. "This company needs better integration!" Alyssa was thinking about that quote as she was working on a project for the president of her company, who was also her boss. He had asked her to put together a plan to transition their firm to a more tightly integrated one. Alyssa recalled from her college management classes that
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exam2sample - POM - Fall/11Exam #2 Practice Questions...

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