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Principles of Management Sample Questions Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. All of the following are key components of the "current landscape in business" EXCEPT A. Technological change B. Globalization C. The importance of knowledge and ideas D. Collaboration across organizational boundaries E. Isolationism 2. Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding competitive advantage? A. You may successfully select one competitive advantage and stick with it permanently B. You will be most successful if you work on one element of competitive advantage at a time C. The best managers and companies deliver all four elements of competitive advantage D. Competitive advantage is over-rated as a factor for success E. None of the above 3. Organizing includes all of the following activities EXCEPT: A. Attracting people to the organization B. Specifying job responsibilities C. Marshaling and allocating resources D. Motivating employees to achieve their job's goals E. All of the above are correct
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4. Top-level managers focus on: A. Long-term survival of an organization B. Translating goals and objectives into specific activities C. Managing frontline managers D. Supervising non management employees E. All of the above 5. Managers will utilize _____________ skills with increasing frequency as they rise within an organization. A. Conceptual and decision
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exam_1_sample - Principles of Management Sample Questions...

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