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Hamlet review - Take into consideration either the...

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Take into consideration either the conditions or symptoms of Hamlet, I believe that he should be diagnosed with neurotic vindictiveness. Before the story started, Hamlet must have been enjoying a perfect life as the Prince of Denmark. He was indeed a Fower in the greenhouse, rich, healthy, loved, pampered and protected. His father, who was “a combination and a form indeed, where every god did seem to set his seal to give the world assurance of a man” (3.4 line 61-63), was deeply in love with his mother. Ophelia, one of the fairest ladies in Denmark, had started to accept his love and pursuit. He was also receiving humanism ideas from his school in Wittenberg. It must have been a life without worries. ±rom his love letter to Ophelia, one can see his passion about this life. However, much of the perfection started to slip away following his father ʼ s death. Hamlet never met much dif²culty in the earlier stages of his life, therefore, when the tragedies began, his whole world started to crack. While coming to terms with the death of his father, he had to face his mother ʼ s unfaithfulness, a scheming uncle, friends ʼ treachery and lover ʼ s rejection. Hamlet ʼ s revenge was not a revenge singularly for his father ʼ s death. Instead, it was a war against anything dirty, nasty or faithless, anything that has helped to destroy his world of perfection. Hatred and anger burned his young heart, while hesitation and suspicion that came from his nature, together with the humanism teaching he had received, prevented him from taking violent actions. His whole being dried out in these consuming conFicts, which created a weak, melancholy and angry mind for neurotic vindictiveness to take over. According to Karen Horney, a person diagnosed with neurotic vindictiveness can be “uninhibited in action”, “strike out at others”, or “openly exploiting.” These symptoms each seem to be present in Hamlet. The best example would be Hamlet
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Hamlet review - Take into consideration either the...

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