12 - Post-Impressionism and Expressionism Whats missing...

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Post-Impressionism and Expressionism What’s missing from Impressionism? (What can the style NOT accomplish?) does not have a deeper message. It is very simple, just what we see. Left emotion out In what ways did each of the Post-Impressionist artists compensate for these deficiencies in their own distinct styles? (We talked about Cezanne, Seurat, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Matisse). Cezanne: lots of people don’t understand him and he uses ugly subject matter. Wanted art to be about the essence of things. Separated canvas into different planes. Uses more basic shapes and blocks, look more like a grid. Seurat: “my goal is to make modern people in their essential traits move about as if on frizes, and place. ..” simplifies people to basic silhouette shape. He fills in the rest with pointillism: tiny dots of paint and not strokes. Gauguin: “While the impressionist study color. .. retaining the shackles of verisimilitude, they neglect the mysterious centers of though.” Use visionary representations of something religious. He paints the grass red when we know it is not red. Not trying to imitate nature. Say how do I feel about those trees and pick colors arbitrarily. Show fantasies. Exaggeration and extorts things. Van Gogh: likes deep soulful emotion. Painting have a life of their own that derives from the artist. He wrote very poetic letters to his brother Teo. Had a lot of emotion in his art. Like to do portraits more than anything else. Matisse: thought color should elicit emotion. Fauvism: rejected imitative colors. Had more vivid colors for cheaper. Optimistic painter and though art should be joyous and soothing. Did paint troubling or depressing subjects. How did Cezanne paint “a dialogue between what we see and what we think?”
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12 - Post-Impressionism and Expressionism Whats missing...

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