13 - Freud, Surrealism How did Freuds definitions of the...

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Freud, Surrealism How did Freud’s definitions of the Id, Ego and Superego explain the nature of the human psyche? How did Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams answer the questions of why we dream and what our dreams reveal about ourselves? Id – completely unconscious. Base desires, wants. Ex: food, sexual desires, violence Ego – balances out id and superego. Your mind – “you” Superego - rules, conscience. You should/ought to do this. Taught by parents, society, church Dream about unresolved issues or wishes. All dreams are wish fulfillment. Censorship – causes distortion in dreams. Manifest (obvious portion) & Latent (symbolic, deeper) Displacement How did Freud’s theories influence the Surrealists? How did the techniques and subject matter of the Surrealist artists express the realm of the unconscious and the elusive, illogical nature of human existence? Super reality – higher reality through neglected forms of expression (dream, hunger induced hallucination) Dali – most famous surrealist. Promoted himself as a work of art. High degree of reality but then crazy ideas too. Didn’t like abstract art. Painted his dreams. Jazz and American Music In what ways is Jazz a characteristically American art form? Impossible to define… look at handout on BlackBoard Born in New Orleans Continues to evolve
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13 - Freud, Surrealism How did Freuds definitions of the...

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