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RR 10 - Yihong Shi RR 10 Humanities 202 1 The boundary of...

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Yihong Shi RR 10 Humanities 202 1. The boundary of play and reality is ambiguous. When Guildenstern asks: “Who decides?” The player ʼ s answer is: Decides. It is written. This can be talking about the play in the play, and it can also be talking about Shakespeare ʼ s original Hamlet. 2. In traditional plays, minor characters exist only to interact with major characters, and when they are not acting to serve the main characters, they are not present on the stage. In this play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are constantly talking and acting. 3. Rosencrantz is a scientist, and he constantly is analyzing the world in terms of science, but his thoughts are always interrupted, or cannot continue. Usually people think science can help us understand the world, but this play indicates that this world cannot be understood by science. 4. When a person is following someone, he/she should get to the same place as the person who is being followed. In this play, once Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are following a group of people, but they find themselves elsewhere.
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