9a1 hum - PART ONE If I were the chief editor of a daily...

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PART ONE If I were the chief editor of a daily newspaper, I know that this contains great responsibilities. If I have discovered that one of my reporters has been fabricating stories and making up facts, extreme measure would have to be taken. I would have to immediately fire the reporter that has been caught fabricating the sources. I would want them to resign without any public knowledge of them being fired. This will actually help the company. I would also have to print retractions immediately. In the retraction, I would have to formally apologize to the readers about the false information that was printed. The role in the media is delivering news to the public accurately. The news is required to make sure the public eye can trust them with the news that is provided. Providing ethical information, and reports to citizens, so they can be informed is their job. The significance of immediate news media delivery on culture is to provide people with faster news. People now of days are use to getting information quicker. The news media delivery provides that for them. The social responsibilities of news media to me, is to report current events accurately and avoid providing unbiased and unethical information. I believe the news media is driven to benefit the public. There are several ethical and legal considerations in the online world. For example, slander is definitely a consideration that needs to be taken seriously. Copyrighting is a very important thing to take heed of a well as plagiarism. The online
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9a1 hum - PART ONE If I were the chief editor of a daily...

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