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Name : Naglaa Muhammad Abdel Hakkam Material and logistic management Assignment 1 1. Explain the differences between transactional and relationship marketing. How do these differences lead to increase emphasis on logistical performance in supply chain management? transactional relationship marketing is a traditional strategy focus on obtaining successful exchanges, or transactions, with customers to drive increases in revenue and profit. companies are generally oriented toward short-term interaction with their customers. The result is a focus on creating successful individual transactions between a supplier and its customers. is a new strategy focuses on the development of long-term relations with key supply chain participants such as consumers, intermediate customers, and suppliers in an effort to develop and retain long-term preference and loyalty. is based on the realization that in many industries it is as important to retain current customers and gain a larger share of their purchases as it is to attract new customers. relationship marketing can significantly reduce transaction costs, better accommodate customer requirements move individual transactions into a matter of routine. 2. Why are the four primary service outputs of spatial convenience, lot size, waiting time, and product variety important to logistics management? Provide example of competing firms that differ in the level of each service output provided to customers. 4 generic supply chain service outputs necessary to accommodate customer requirement and to
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asss 1 - Name Naglaa Muhammad Abdel Hakkam Material and...

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