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SCHEME OF WORK BCPD202 BCPD202: Electronic Commerce Fundamentals Scheme of Work Apr Intake (Sem03, 08)/ Aug Intake (Sem02, 08) Year 2008 Week Week Beginning Lecture / Lab Tutorial Plan Suggested Readings/ Assessments 1 7 th January 2008 Pre-Course Briefing: Introduction to BCPD102: ELECTRONIC COMMERCE FUNDAMENTALS Course Syllabus and Scheme of Work Important Dates Survey and Quizzes Lab Tutorial 1a: Introduction to BCPD202 Lab Session Edublogs Account Creation Blogging Requirement for BCPD202 Introduction to E-Commerce websites Companion Website for BCPD202 Lecture Topic 1: Overview of Electronic Commerce Electronic Commerce : Definitions and Concepts The Digital Revolution Drives E-Commerce EC Business Models Social and Business Networks Lab Tutorial 1b: Introduction to Web Page Design using FrontPage Elements of Web page FrontPage Views/Window. Getting Help in FrontPage. Main Text Chapter 1 Lab Reference Text Project One ( FP1.04 – FP1.66) 2 14 th January 2008 Lecture Topic 2a: E-Marketplaces :Structures, Mechanisms, Economics, and Impacts E-Marketplaces Types of E-Marketplaces: From Storefronts to Portals Intermediation in E-Commerce Electronic Catalogs and Other Market Mechanisms Auctions as EC Market Mechanisms Applying theme Editing text/bulleted list Undo/redo actions Inserting heading/horizontal rule Main Text Chapter 2 Lab Reference Text Project One ( FP1.22 – FP1.41) Project Two(FP2.05- FP2.63) Issue Date for Group Assignment SoW_2008_til0017_ecOMM Page 1 of 5 Updated by 23/03/2012
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SCHEME OF WORK BCPD202 Lecture Topic 2b: E-Marketplaces :Structures, Mechanisms, Economics, and Impacts Bartering and Negotiating Online E-Commerce in the Wireless Environment Competition in the Digital Economy Impacts of EC on Business Processes and Organizations Adding normal text Managing hyperlinks on web page. Deleting and Quit from FrontPage
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