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Unformatted text preview: Today we are leading our life amidst concrete forest{buildings}, carbon dioxide expelling industries and vehicles, polluted river, and shortage of nutrient food and pure air. Without protecting the environment, progress cannot be achieved. “Environmental pollution” and “Social development” have proved to be two faces of the same coin. have On the basis of composition and characteristics, environment may be divided into two types. ! Physical OR natural environment : It includes 1)Earth’s location , 2) Earth’s structure, 3) Climate, 4)Soil and, 5)Natural vegetation. ! Cultural OR man made environment : It includes 1)Industries, 2)Transport and communication, 3)Population, 4)Traditions, 5)Political situations etc… 5)Political It is an important part of environment and It includes many factors. Environment of the country depends on its location,structure of the lithosphere, topography, climate, soil,natural vegetation etc. Fertile plains, costal regions and river side regions can be developed through there are some exceptions. Thick forests, mountains, deserts, and ice covered regions usually remains under-developed. Cultural environment includes all that is created by man. Industries, population, transport and communication, traditions, political situations etc., are the factors forming the cultural environment.It is more dynamic in nature. Today the over all development of countries depends on both physical and cultural environment. Several direct and indirect activities of man damaging our environment. It is known as environmental pollution. Normally urbanization, industrialization, transportation, mining, volcanic eruptions, wastages thrown out by man etc., are the main causes for pollution. There are four main types of environmental pollution, namely:1)Air pollution, 2)water pollution, 3)soil pollution, and 4)sound pollution. The gases required by man for breathing are being polluted. It makes man a victim of many diseases. Usually volcanic eruption, industries, vehicles, atomic explosion etc., are the causes of air pollution. As a result of air pollution a lot of carbon dioxide is released into air and it is very harmful to human beings and results in many diseases and even causes death. Bhopal gas tragedy is an example. Water is also being polluted due to many human activities. Decomposition of wastes that are let out from industries, unscientific agricultural methods, urban settlements, unplanned drainage patterns etc., are the main causes of water pollution. causes Soil pollution is taking place due to many causes. The main causes are soil erosion, using more pesticides, unnecessary burning of forests, surplus use of water, unscientific land use etc., use To-day sound pollution is common. The main causes for it are heavy disturbances in densely populated areas, such as the noise of vehicles, loud speaker, etc. According to World Health Organization (WHO) , no sound should exceed more than 45 decibels. more ...
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