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Case study Job issue (hiring –promotion-wages) In Name: naglaa Muhammad Samir abdalla el-nile Mariam Edward fouad Introduction: How do you select the right person for your organization? There is no perfect answer, and it faces a lot of moral issue. Choosing the right and most qualified candidate for position need process which human resource department must have completed all & use it effectively to be tremors help for them. These processes can be different from one company to another. For that, we are going to discuss the hiring process and other job issue in our research. We choose an organization & we going to discuss & see how the human resource department work & what is the interview tequnique they use to get the most useful information from applicant and other job issue they face. 1. Interview person 1.1 Characteristics that the organization looking for in employee. 1.2 1.3
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Business_ehtics_outline1 - Case study Job issue (hiring...

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