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Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity Resources: Chapter 9 and 10 in Racial and Ethnic Groups , the University Library, and the Internet PART I Here is a worksheet to fill in the facts and examples here and post it as an attachment. Each box should have at least 25 to 50 word count summary. Which Group? Languages spoken Politics Religion Education Economic status Family style/traditions Any single group from Central and South America such as Chile, El Salvador, Colombia, etc. The languages that are spoken by any single group is predominantly Spanish. But many tend to learn and adapt to that of the English language Colombian Americans traditionally devote themselves to politics in Colombia rather than the United States. Most believe that they will not remain abroad and see little point in becoming involved in American politics Columbians have one of the most conservative church hierarchies in Latin Americans and one of the highest percentages of regular churchgoers. The Columbian protestants and Catholics remain divided within Columbians. Differences exist between first-and- second generation families and their obtaining secondary education. Though the number with advanced degrees remains low the number has risen in a consistent pattern since the 1970s Work is the focus of Columbian households. Husbands offer little or no resistance to their wives employment because their salaries are needed to repay sponsors, meet daily expenses, support family members and save money toward children’s expenses. Traditional values define the home: the husband is the wage-earner and head of house; the wife sets the tone of the household and rarely holds outside employment; children are taught to obey their parents and respect authority Cuban Americans In most Cuban American households Spanish is the Cuban Americans
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Assignment_Hispanic_Diversity - Assignment: Hispanic...

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