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Capstone_Ethics - out for friends or family members and...

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I can clearly and honestly say that both my moral and ethics perspectives were influenced by my  upbringing. My mother and my grandmother instilled what I consider to be very strong moral and  ethical beliefs, which are strong on the basis of right and wrong as well as good and evil. I am one  who has been trained for a lack of better words that everyone should be treated with respect and  with dignity. This applies to business because in business we will come across some of every  individual from every walk of life. Even though they may be either physically or even culturally  different we are to respect them as human beings first and then conduct business. It’s the right  and wrong factor where many people come into a position of authority and abuse it. Be it looking 
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Unformatted text preview: out for friends or family members and even over looking when rules, regulations and policies and broken. My moral I have been taught display knowing that all are in a job to do a job no one man or woman is above the rules that are set in black and white. It sometimes becomes a bit difficult to hold up and stay strong with beliefs and values that you have been brought up with especially with the level of peer pressure and various influences that are out there. But all in all it takes the inner innate voice to keep you on the moral and ethical path throughout both business and personal decisions....
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