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01B IM Org Chart - Repackaging Area Manager Marsha Doyle...

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President Larry Lancaster Secretary to President Louise McWhorter Mailroom Clerk Gerald Klett Sales Manager Ellen Jacobs Production Superintendent Theodore Brown Controller Parker Shelton Treasurer Lilian Stockton Sales Staff Credit Manager Brenda Robertson Accounts Receivable Clerk Simon Swift Production Foreman Terry Freitag Purchasing Agent Cheryl Palmer Receiving Dock Manager William Beauchamp
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Unformatted text preview: Repackaging Area Manager Marsha Doyle Shipping dock Manager George Evershock Inventory Clerk Anita Columbo Bookkeeper Donald McKenna Accounts Payable Clerk Dave Dull Cashier Pam Lewis Hourly Employees Hourly Employees Hourly Employees 3.a. Organization Chart Apple Blossom Cologne Company Organization Chart...
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  • Spring '12
  • Goldstein
  • sales manager, American film actors, receivable clerk, apple blossom cologne, Company Organization Chart

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