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Lecture 9: C u by natural spontaneous deamination Or DNA polymerase can mistakenly insert uracil into DNA (as DUTP) Many chemotherapeutic drugs affect the cell so it increases dUTP that goes into DNA If dUTP concentration is increased (by drugs) there will be a high level of uracil in DNA and therefore high degree of repair Therefore system overwhelmed DNA fragmentation cell dies Target fast growing/diving cells like cancer Retorius polymerase are highly matagenic Slide Eukaryotic cells Basil body not organelle but in text book is discussed as one Membrane organelle: membrane bound compartments in a cell with a specific function with a degree of permanence, function is usually metabolic
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Unformatted text preview: • Ganglioside lipid + specific sugars o Gangliosides are found in high concentration on nervous tissue membrane • Plasma – allws cell-cell communication • ECM (extracellular matrix)– surface layer surrounds cell ie. Glycocalyx ~ large polysaccharides proteins, proteglycans (allow cells to move past each other or have flexibility ie cartlidge) • Signal transdunction = external signal ex. Hormone or a cytokine that binds to a cell membrane or plasma membrane receptor that then induces a molecular cytoplasmic signal to be made and therefore will affect the inside of the cell (ie. Turn protein or genes on and off) o Transfer of a external signal into an internal signal •...
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