geo sept21 - -Where most of our weather originates...

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Seasons Suns rays at a higher angle –more concentrated energy More hours of daylight In winter the opposite is true Seasons Solar elevations 0 degrees-90degrees (no n/s/e/w) In summer: Higher solar elevation- the angle of the sun in the sky The atmo Protective shield Regulates earth temp: Extreme reduced temp (temp range) Reflects energy including dangerous radiation Redistributes energy N2 78 O2 21 Other argon helium others Water vapour 0.1-4 lower part of atomo Co2 0.036 Ozone - Trace gas .000004 of atm by volume) - at 25km altitude (+/-) in atmospher - Extremely important to life on earth Most air concentrated near the surface - ½ of all air to ~5.5km up - 99.9% below 80km of altitude Density decrease with altitude Layers of the atmosphere Troposphere -where we live - 90% of atm (gases) Our focus: - Virtually all clouds - Virtually all water
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Unformatted text preview: -Where most of our weather originates Troposphere:-temp decrease with increasing altitude- heated by the earth (which is heated by the sun) Heated from below by earth’s surface Troposphere- thicker near equator (about 16km) and progressively thinner towards poles (`8km) Tropopause -Stratosphere – tropopause to ~ 50km aboce earth-Air much less dense Stratosphere Ozone layer 03 Only .00006% Absorbs UV and converts to heat Temperature generally increases with increasing altitude Typically no clouds Mesosphere-50 to 80km above earths surface Temp decreases as altitude increases Low temperatures Mesopause -90 degrees Thermosphere-top layer in the atmosphere 80 m + above the eather Temp increase with incea alt Very warm but tem has lil meaning 900 at 350 km...
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geo sept21 - -Where most of our weather originates...

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