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geography sept16 - Provides east west coordinates Prime...

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Graphic scale 1 cm to 2 m to a rf reprasentatibe faction Make bith units the same 2 m= 200 cm The scale is equil 1/2000000 i samaller than 1/100 Small-scale map 1/2000000 globe little detail lots showing Large scale map 1/100 Small rep large areas less degtail Small areas large detail large scale Latitude Polar/axis of rotation Equator Northern hemi and southern hemi Lines of latitude of latitude called parallels Run east west never meet parallel - Distance north and south of equator - 0 to 90 N and S - Equator- 0 degrees latitude Longitude -meridians Lines run north south Converge at the poles
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Unformatted text preview: Provides east west coordinates Prime meridian- 0 longitude Greenwich, England by convection Slapped a line somewhere 0-180 east and west Easter International date line Sat east of line Sunday to west Runs 180 degrees Notation 1 degree= 60 mins 1 min= 60 sec Ex a loction midway between 1 degree and 2 degree is located at 1 degree 30 mins Toronto is located at 30 degree 39m 13s N, 79 degree 23 01 w All written with n/s or e/w except Equator 0 deg latitude Prime 0 long 180 lat internations date line Circle of illumination See only half of earth...
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geography sept16 - Provides east west coordinates Prime...

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