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Tara Ivkovic Accidental Disaster There are High Voltage power lines, which I can see from my window. These are quite dangerous, since they have been proven to cause leukemia in children, due to the radiation. However, they are unable to cause an accidental disaster. If a certain event was to occur in my area, in a specific location two accidental disasters can be created, a hazardous spill, and water contamination. One of the main highways is less than five minutes from my house. If a truck transporting hazardous chemicals gets into an accident and these chemicals still, it can be chaotic. This is hazardous because a section of the highway in my area passes over a river, which flows in the Humber river and then into the lake. It would take a long time to clean that mess up. If the chemicals were to evaporate into the air on a hot day, it would go into the atmosphere and fall down onto the ground at a different location contaminating more land. There is nothing I can really do about this myself, but rather convince people in
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