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ANSI 3543E.Asst#4.Allison Thompson

ANSI 3543E.Asst#4.Allison Thompson - digestion between the...

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ANSI 3543E.Asst #4. Allison Thompson 1. Explain why ruminants, cecal fermenters, and monogastrics have such different abilities for digesting forages. It is to each animal’s advantage to develop an evolutionary niche which is different from the animals around it. To this effect, different digestion systems have been developed to process different types of forage. Ruminants have developed the ability to chew and digest cellulose (fibrous plant material) which other species derive essentially no nutrients from, and this requires a fairly complicated digestive system. The cecum allows some species, like horses, to utilize bacteria and other microbes to assist them in digestion, and this requires a special intestinal compartment. 2. Compare and contrast the end products of protein and carbohydrate
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Unformatted text preview: digestion between the pig and the cow. (Enzymatic digestion of pig compared to microbial digestion of ruminant, followed by enzymatic digestion.) Pigs start digesting with enzymes beginning with their saliva, but cows do not have salivary amylase. A huge portion of a pig’s consumable energy is in the form of starch, which is more easily digested and can be digested by enzymes the pig excretes itself. A cow, on the other hand, relies on the digestion of cellulose, which is fairly difficult to digest. To properly break down cellulose a cow relies on bacteria and protozoa, which reside in the rumen and the reticulum. The cow is then also able to break down some starches using their own enzymes. 3. Explain the digestion of a bite of mixed feed in a cow and a pig....
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