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1 Writing Assignment – Lesson 3 1. Describe proper sampling techniques for a semi-trailer load of hay: To properly sample a trailer load of hay, 25 to 50 core samples would be taken from the bales, representing hay from different areas of the field. The samples, once in the laboratory, are then ground and mixed, so smaller subsamples are taken for analyses. The samples are mixed by quartering and sampling (not shaking) so that particle size is not an issue. Then, it is common to use the Kjeldahl N analysis method to determine the crude protein present. 2. What is the point of feedstuff analysis? Feedstuffs analysis is necessary to determine the amount of various nutrients in each type of feed. It is vital to know the quality of feed so that animals may receive the optimal amounts of vitamins, amino acids, fats, and protein in the most efficient way possible. 3. Ten reasons no single producer will need to analyze samples of all their feedstuffs using these tests: a. All types of feed are different and depending on what type of feed a producer
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