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Women in Psychology Nicole Valenzuela PSY/310 October 24, 2011 Dr. Kate Andrews Mary Whiton Calkins (1863-1930) is well known for several great accomplishments and contributions to the field of psychology. She is considered a great pioneer in memory research, was made the American Psychological Association’s first female president, as well as being known for being denied her doctorate degree from Harvard University (Goodwin, 2008). Mary Whiton Calkins (1863-1930) Background and Education Mary Whiton Calkins, the oldest of five children, was raised in Buffalo, New York in the late 1800’s by her mother and her father who was a Congregationalist minister. Mary’s father, Wolcott Calkins, had strong beliefs about the importance of people being multilingual and having an educational value of traveling to Europe. During Mary’s first few years her parents only spoke German around her and by the time she was an adult, Mary was able to speak fluent English, French, and German. When Mary was seventeen her family moved to a home they had built in Massachusetts near Boston and this is the home Mary lived in for the rest of her life. Mary’s father who was well aware of the challenges that women faced when it came to education, closely supervised her education until 1882 when Mary began her education at Smith College for women. After graduating from Smith College in 1885 Mary visited Europe for sixteen months with her family and learned the Greek language to add to her multilingual education. When Mary returned from Europe she was offered a position at Wellesley College as a Greek teacher and this is where she decided to spend the rest of her career. Mary remained a Greek instructor for the college for three years until one of the philosophy professors took notice of her teaching style and was very impressed with her interest in philosophy. In an attempt to stay current with modern science, Wellesley College decided that they should offer their students a laboratory approach to psychology and asked Mary Whiton Calkins if she would be willing to develop and teach this course. However, the agreement was that Mary would take a year long
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break from Wellesley so that she could properly educate herself in this new field of psychology. This is when Mary’s search for a graduate education in psychology began (Goodwin, 2008).
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Week 2 Nicole Valenzuela - Women in Psychology Nicole...

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