DSM-IV+PROBLEMS+CheckPoint+Week+8 - DSM-IV Problems DSM-IV...

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DSM-IV Problems DSM-IV Problems Rhonda Sandberg May 5, 2011 PSY/270 Gavin Coriell 1. Some criteria used for reaching a diagnosis cannot be observed correctly. Most of today’s clinicians believe that personality disorders are important and troubling patterns, yet these disorders are particularly hard to diagnose and east to misdiagnose. These difficulties indicate serious problems with the validity )accuracy and reliability (consistency) of the DSM categories (Jablensky, 2002). One problem is that some of the criteria used to diagnose personality disorders cannot be observed directly. 2. Personality disorders can be similar to each other. The similarity of personality disorders within a cluster, or even between clusters, poses yet another problem (Grilo et al., 2002). Within the “anxious” cluster, for example, there is a considerate e overlap between the symptoms of avoidant personality disorder. When clinicians see similar feelings of inadequacy, fear of disapproval and the like, it
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DSM-IV+PROBLEMS+CheckPoint+Week+8 - DSM-IV Problems DSM-IV...

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