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Homework 4 Exercise 4-1 All 1.Bad listing , noises ,speed of events and perception. 2. Tireness, emotional estate, worrying about things on your mind 3. Observe things you learned and backgrounds knowledge travel 4. Background knowledge and the claim and the source of claim 5. Ourselves 6. Memory. Exercise 4-11 2,4,5 2. A.sort of credible. B. possibly biosect. C. less credible D. credible. E. Credible. 4. A. interested party. B. some what credible C.Credible D. depends on background
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge . E most credible. 5. E. Most credible. Exercise 4-12 4.A.not B.not. C.Yes D.yes E. Not 5. A. not B.not C.Yes D. not E. not Exercise 4-13 2. A.no B.no C.some D.yes E. yes F.yes G. no Exercise 4-15 3. accept 4. suspended judgment. 7. reject 9. accept 10. accept 16. vauge accept. 17. reject 19. accept...
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