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MBA 521 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC GUIDELINES Components: This project consists of three major activities: 1. Conduct secondary research (i.e. library, internet, etc) 2. Write research paper computing the financial ratios yourself. 3. Make presentation to class. Due Date and Time: Papers and presentation are due at the beginning the final class meeting and are to be submitted via the Week 8 Drop Box. The Project to be addressed by the Paper: You have just graduated from Keiser University’s MBA program and have secured a position as a fund manager for a well known investment banking house. You have been given $300 million to manage/invest. The fund is a pension/retirement fund so its perspective is long term with moderate risk of loss of capital and a required return of 9% per annum. In order to reduce the investment risk you are instructed to make 12 investments of $25 million dollars each. Your first assignment is to determine if the fund you are managing should invest $25 million dollars in the stock of the company you have selected for your first analysis/investment decision. Your decision to invest or not invest will be supported by the research paper and a 12 to15 minute presentation to the Executive Committee of the Fund (your hardnosed capitalist classmates) Your analysis, based on the concepts covered in this course, will address each of the following: 1. Business Strategy Analysis : Develop an understanding of the business and
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521_Resch_Guideline[1] - MBA 521 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT...

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